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CWLTV is Carlow's only online TV Station.

Our stories are local, informative and entertaining.

CWLTV is LOCAL first.

About Us

CWLTV was set up with the aim of broadcasting television productions from Carlow to Carlovians across the globe by bringing the interests, activities, concerns and the local news to them no matter where they are. CWLTV understands that in this fast moving world people now get most of their entertainment from the palm of their hand, and so with that in mind we want to bring Carlow to the palm of Carlovian hands around the world. 

CWLTV's founder, Pauric Brennan, has been involved in film and the arts for over 10 years and has seen the changes to the delivery of movies, TV and media in that time. In recent years he has watched online platforms enter the arena of entertainment and how they deliver high end productions for audiences. Regional TV channels have popped up across the world and are becoming the go to place for local communities and businesses. While national media may cover local stories and events, a dedicated and local channel can cover these stories, events and local happenings as they occur allowing audience to never miss out. It will also allow local events to reach a wider and more specific target audience by focusing on local communities and businesses. 

CWLTV bringing Carlow to Carlovians across the Globe.

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